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Engine update drives performance up and fuel consumption down!

Hyster is equipping several of its LPG stackers with new engines from manufacturer Power Solutions International (PSI) that are more powerful and more efficient than previous models, while also reducing operating noise.

28 Jun. 2017
Hyster LPG Forklift Truck

Ahead of the launch, Hyster has been testing the robust and reliable new LPG engines from PSI for their suitability in a range of applications. Hyster reports that these new PSI engines are more powerful than previous models and consume less fuel, even during intensive drive cycles. What's more, the engines also proved to be quieter. "Delivering high hoist speeds at full capacity, the new models are suited to anything from general logistics applications right through to the most demanding production tasks," confirms Burkhard Funke, Hyster Territory Manager for Germany and Switzerland.

The special 2.4-liter LPG-powered industrial engines are currently available with the compact Hyster S2.0-3.5FT series, the H2.0-3.5FT stacker and the new H2.0-3.0XT models, while the smaller H1.6-2.0FTS will in future be equipped with the 2.0-liter engine from PSI. As well as being more efficient, the new engines are also quieter, reducing noise levels in the workplace and thus improving operating comfort. In "ECO eLo" mode, some models bring noise levels down to just 73 db(A) (as measured at the driver’s ear in line with EN 12053). "All stackers can also switch between a range of operating modes to suit the applicationin question," explains Funke. "This flexibility ensures they can easily be adjusted to meet seasonal peaks in demand."

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