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eCommerce and CEP managers take note!

The impressive availability, speed and flexibility of the HC Sorter being exhibited by Dutch company VanRiet at CeMAT 2018 make it ideal for eCommerce applications and many CEP service providers.

17 Apr. 2018
VanRiet HC-Sorter

The number of HC Sorters being installed each year by VanRiet Material Handling Systems, a well-known manufacturer of automated transport and sorting solutions, is now 30 times higher than in 2013. Another 150 of these shoe sorters will enter into operation and benefit customers the world over this year. The fully closed sorting solution can be used flexibly with various product groups and delivers reliable sorting results.

"The growing demand for the HC Sorter confirms to us that it is optimally tailored to our customers' needs," explains VanRiet CEO Rik van den Boog. The shoe sorter's special customization options and high processing speeds make it the perfect answer for the short delivery times and high shipping volumes in eCommerce and the CEP industry. Its automatic transport and sorting solutions also produce impressive results in the fashion, food and kitchen industries.

Visitors to CeMAT from across the globe can discover how the HC Sorter optimizes transport and sorting processes. The unit operates at speeds of up to three meters per second and can process 15,000 packages an hour, regardless of whether they are small and slim or weigh as much as 50 kilograms. The HC Sorter's closed deck also ensures it is quieter than any other sorter on the market.

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VanRiet Material Handling Systems at CeMAT

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