CeMAT 2020, 20 - 24 April
Order-picking systems

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Storopack offers the perfect protective packaging for almost any product. Its latest development is a range of automated systems that keep packing material dispensing separate from the actual packaging process and can thus be integrated into existing packaging lines more effectively.

24 Aug. 2018
Storopack Working Comfort

At this year's CeMAT in Hannover, packaging specialist Storopack unveiled a number of innovations centered around automated protective packaging processes. The company's exhibits in Hall 20 included systems that automatically dispense the correct amount of protective packing material for boxes and can be easily integrated into existing packaging lines. This enables manufacturers and mail order companies to make their logistics processes more productive. Trade fair visitors were also able to see a variety of different integration solutions for themselves in realistic conditions using augmented reality.

Storopack's new automated systems allow users to separate packing material dispensing from the actual packing process. This not only simplifies procedures but also delivers solutions in line with the Storopack Working Comfort® principle, designed to ensure highly ergonomic working. To take just one example, air pillows can be detached with a single movement of the hand. Storopack also used CeMAT 2018 to showcase its high-performance packaging systems from the PAPERplus, AIRplus and FOAMplus ranges. While PAPERplus paper cushioning systems and the associated protective packaging materials are suitable for both small and large, heavy items, AIRplus® machines produce air cushions that secure and protect particularly sensitive products in boxes. The FOAMplus® Bag Packer² produces foam packaging at the touch of a button that adjusts to the individual contours of the packaged goods.

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