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DHL is testing picking using smart glasses

Using the keyword "Augmented Reality", DHL conducted a pilot project in a distribution centre in the Netherlands, testing the use of smart glasses and the applications for Augmented Reality (AR).

15 Oct. 2015

The objective of the pilot project was to gain insights into the advantages and limitations of this technology.

To do this, in the current test, which took place in Bergen op Zoom, warehouse staff wore special smart glasses such as Google Glass or Vuzix for a three week period. During picking, important notifications were communicated to the displays, for example in which aisle the item being searched for was located and what quantity was required. In total, ten employees used the devices to pick more than 20,000 items for 9,000 orders in the time frame given above. The processes were speeded up considerably and errors were completely eliminated. In cooperation with the DHL customers Ricoh and Ubimax, the new technology for AR-supported picking, which is referred to as Vision Picking, was launched.

"The test showed that the use of AR can measurably optimise logistical processes."

Gina Chung from the DHL Trend Research Team

The test results and the employee feedback were in the process of being evaluated at the time. DHL Supply Chain is also already planning to implement smart glasses in two logistics centres in the USA. The project is to be implemented this year – currently, the framework conditions and the potential applications are being clarified and the two locations are being selected.

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