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Conventional bubble wrap sent packing!

The new AIRplus Wrap from protective packaging specialist Storopack wraps sensitive products very snugly and will in future serve as a space-saving substitute for traditional bubble wrap.

21 Jun. 2017

Thanks to its flexible undulating structure, the new AIRplus Wrap can be wrapped very snugly around items to be packed, which protects fragile and sensitive products of various sizes even more effectively against knocks, scratches and other damage. A further benefit of the innovative solution is the ability to produce it on demand at the packing station. This is a big advantage over pre-inflated bubble wrap, which is supplied in big rolls, takes up a great deal of space and repeatedly has to be transported to the packing station.

AIRplus Wrap is available in 400 x 175 millimeter (Wrap 19d) and 710 x 175 millimeter (Wrap 36d) formats and is produced using the compact Storopack machine systems AIRplus Mini and AIRplus GTI. "The aim when developing AIRplus Wrap was to be able to wrap the item to be packaged even more tightly so as to offer better protection," explains Michael Spicker, Product Manager AIR at Storopack. "We succeeded in achieving this thanks to the undulating structure. The solution is also a clever alternative for retailers and producers who still use large rolls of pre-inflated bubble wrap, because being able to produce the air cushions at the packing station on demand cuts process and warehousing costs," he adds. The new AIRplus Wrap will form part of Storopack's existing AIRplus product portfolio. This consists of large Void air cushions for filling gaps, Cushion with its smaller air chambers for stabilizing and cushioning, and Bubble with round air chambers for wrapping items to be packaged. One thing all three products have in common is that they can be produced at the actual packing station and are easy to integrate into any packaging process.

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