CeMAT 2020, 20 - 24 April
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CeMAT Highlights: SSI Schäfer, Knapp and Magazino Rethink Logistics

Smart shuttles, assembly stations, and robots: At CeMAT, visitors experience how artificial intelligence is automating logistics and intralogistics at an even higher level.

26 Apr. 2018
SSI FlexiShuttle
SSI Flexi Shuttle: It doesn’t get much more flexible than this.

SSI Schäfer: Highly Flexible Shuttles Offer Maximum Storage

SSI Schäfer has brought smart solutions for intralogistics to CeMAT. Among these is the SSI Flexi Shuttle. This modular solution consists of vehicles, lifts, and a racking system that enables businesses to fully optimize storage space.

Peter Berlik, technical director at SSI Schäfer, explains the concept behind it: "n contrast to conventional solutions, the SSI Flexi Shuttle doesn’t stick to "x-storage" positions in a shelving system. Instead it relies on hardware-independent positioning that’s accurate to the millimeter and an optimized compartment layout."

The load handling device is adjustable by width, and storage compartments dynamically adapt to the size of items. Companies can store goods in the flexible racking system, which is ideal for small parts and diverse goods. The SSI Flexi Shuttle can store a variety of transport units of up to 50kg – whether boxes, trays, or cube or conical containers.

Quick assembly with ivii.smartdesk. (Photo: Knapp)

Knapp: From Trainee to "Smart Worker" in Under an Hour

Knapp is also introducing an innovative shuttle system at the trade fair. The OSR Shuttle EVO combines all the best features of previous systems. Flexible racking and a neat system design fully optimize space. It offers scalability to customers, allowing them to implement additional shuttles and storage compartments as required.

At CeMAT, Knapp gives an impressive demonstration of how storage and assembly can be linked. At the front of the shuttle system are assembly stations set up at an ergonomic height. Shuttles provide these stations with supplies in the correct sequence. A special feature is Knapp’s ivii.smartdesk feedback system. Using integrated image recognition and processing, it is able to recognize each component in the assembly process. Employees then receive real-time feedback on whether parts have been installed correctly. This facilitates error-free production – even with untrained employees.

The solution has been well received. On Tuesday, Heimo Robosch, Executive Vice President of Knapp and Dr. Steffan Vondran, CEO of Diesel Technic AG, signed a deal at CeMAT to begin collaboration.

Magazino: Pick-by-Robot for Warehouses

Magazino has its sights set on one of the last non-automated processes in warehouse logistics. The Munich startup has developed a self-propelled robot that precisely picks goods off the shelf automatically. This is an enormous advantage for smaller batch sizes or peaks in order demand.

TORU, the intelligent picking robot, uses laser scanners, sensors, and cameras to identify its surroundings and can easily navigate its way around a warehouse or factory floor. The robot can also react to its environment while moving, for example if it needs to sidestep people or objects. Its gripper system allows it to precisely select objects from a shelf or even place them there. TORU has a built-in shelf to temporarily store the desired object while in motion.

These innovations and many more are on display at CeMAT until Friday April 27.