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BITO CAMPUS provides a home for new ideas

The Fritz Bittmann Holding company is creating a new home for technology-oriented founders and graduates – the BITO CAMPUS, dedicated to providing the ideal conditions for nurturing new ideas and allowing them to unfold.

31 Jan. 2017
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A former school in Meisenheim am Glan, Germany – a listed building – is being rededicated in May 2017. Featuring bright and airy rooms and an adjacent outdoor park, the facility is ideal not only for young founders from sectors like logistics, intralogistics, robotics or materials science, but also for university graduates with technical majors. "We are committed to putting our expertise to work for everyone at the founders center and, in addition to our experience and know-how, let them harness our BITO facilities to their projects," explains Sabine Bittmann, wife of the owner of the Fritz Bittmann Holding company. She continues: "This move is intended to create a giant network with numerous synergies which will benefit not only the founders, but also our company and our employees."

Along with private and shared offices, co-working space and small workshops for practical projects, the BITO CAMPUS will even include residential units. Frequent workshops, seminars and presentations focusing on entrepreneurial ventures will breathe life into the infrastructure. Richard Haxel, Managing Director of the BITO CAMPUS since December 2016, is a strong adherent to the concept of the founders center: "I am delighted about the development of this project, which is going to have a very special place among the various founders centers – not just in terms of its content, but also from an operational standpoint, since it is not the beneficiary of any government subsidies, being financed purely through private funding. In addition, the BITO CAMPUS will have a special meaning for the entire area, as it will enrich local structures and contribute a tad of big-city flair to the rural area in which it is located."

BITO-Lagertechnik Bittmann at CeMAT

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