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Beumer has it all under wraps!

The Beumer Group is bringing a "mini miracle" in efficient packaging technology to CeMAT 2016. The compact BEUMER stretch hood A wraps palletized goods quickly and securely in waterproof film.

17 May. 2016

The BEUMER Group's stretch hood A, which is on show at CeMAT for the first time this year, is unique in a number of ways. It boasts a compact, simple and modular design, an optimized and intuitive user interface and a broad spectrum of potential applications to fit each customer’s precise requirements. At CeMAT 2016 in Hannover, the company from Münsterland is demonstrating how the BEUMER stretch hood A offers new answers to the packaging industry’s growing requirements regarding machine safety and cost efficiency.

With its compact, simple and modular design, BEUMER’s stretch hood A requires little floor space and can be assembled by customers themselves if they wish - with the sole proviso that an expert from the Beumer Group inspects the system interfaces prior to commissioning. Thanks to its optimized and intuitive user interface, this packaging maestro not only boosts availability, but also requires less operator training - it takes less than two minutes to replace the film, for example. BEUMER's stretch hood A is ideal for wrapping small, quarter and half pallets. Its extended range of potential applications covers numerous requirements, offers simple and safe solutions for packaging different products, and boosts production capacity - in one fell swoop. The stretch hood A system wraps pallets of goods in waterproof film to carefully protect them from all environmental influences and secures loads for transportation. Not only that, but the crease-free transparent film used in BEUMER’s stretch hood A ensures the contents remain clearly visible.

BEUMER Group GmbH & Co. KG (59269 Beckum, Germany), Hall 27, Stand K38