CeMAT 2020, 20 - 24 April
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Apart from their outstanding wooden clogs…

…the Netherlands also produces superlative sliding shoe sorters, such as the Closed Deck HC Sorter. The VanRiet Group is exhibiting this fully enclosed sorting solution for different product groups at CeMAT 2016 in Hannover.

28 May. 2016

German companies such as DHL, Wortmann, Deichmann and Continental have been using automatic conveyor and sorting solutions from VanRiet for a number of years. The Dutch intralogistics specialist wants to build on this success and is attending CeMAT with some very ambitious aims in mind. "CeMAT is a key event for us to showcase our products and comprehensive solution expertise to a large trade audience," says Rik van den Boog, CEO of VanRiet Material Handling Systems. "We see great potential in the German market, which is why we are expanding our activities," he explains. The company aims to reach its goal with ambitious products such as the Closed Deck HC Sorter that it’s showcasing in Hannover.

This fully enclosed sorter has been designed to ensure error-free processes. Sealing all openings between the blades, for example, prevents waste from falling into the workings and potentially damaging the sorter. Operators’ ears are also protected from harm thanks to low noise emissions throughout. What’s more, the Closed Deck HC Sorter boasts a fast maximum running speed of three meters per second. The Closed Deck HC Sorter’s modular design allows for custom configurations and means it can process a range of different product groups – the sliding shoe sorter can handle plastic crates, packets, polybags, other bags and packaging. This outstanding flexibility makes it the ideal solution for eCommerce applications and for courier, express delivery and parcel services.


VanRiet Material Handling Systems at CeMAT

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