CeMAT 2020, 20 - 24 April
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All good things come in threes!

Genkinger is showcasing three completely new products at CeMAT 2016 – an electric multidirectional sideloader, an electric multidirectional heavy duty reach truck and an electric 4-way pedestrian forklift high-lift pallet truck with pantograph.

25 May. 2016
Electric multidirectional heavy duty reach truck

Genkinger GmbH is a specialist supplier of warehouse technology for trade and industry, lifting and transportation equipment for the textile industry, and specialist equipment. This company from Swabia in Germany is exhibiting under this new name for the first time at CeMAT in Hannover. Since 19 January 2016, the additional name "Hubtex" – from the former sister company – has been dropped, as Hubtex no longer has a holding in the new company. Yet it isn't just the name and logo that are new but also three exhibits that Genkinger is presenting at the fair.

With its completely new forklifts and specialist equipment, Genkinger is looking to harness market potential both in Germany and globally. CeMAT with its international importance thus offers the company a welcome showcase. Genkinger is ideally placed at CeMAT 2016 with the following three products – the versatile electric multidirectional sideloader (EFMS model), which has been developed for medium and high load-bearing capacities and is designed for space-saving storage of pallets, long items and special loads; the electric multidirectional heavy duty reach truck (EFSM-S model), whose electronic all-wheel steering enables particularly space-saving transportation of goods in narrow aisles; and the electric 4-way pedestrian forklift high-lift pallet truck (EGY-S model), which allows flexible movement of long items in narrow aisles and at great heights.

Genkinger GmbH (72525 Münsingen, Germany), Hall 26, Stand L01