CeMAT 2020, 20 - 24 April
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A quick opening always smooths the way…

... especially in logistics! Butzbach, the industrial doors specialist, is showcasing the SECURITY version of its SPACELITE HTU high-speed door for the first time at CeMAT 2016 – it’s one of a kind with its WK3-class resistance.

13 May. 2016

Whether your issue is hurricanes, intruders or simply time pressure – the new SECURITY version of the SPACELITE HTU high-speed door is your answer! The door efficiently combines speed and durability in a package that boasts low running costs and provides a cost-effective, reliable, smooth and secure solution, even when opened and closed more than 100,000 times a year. The SPACELITE HTU-S meets exceptionally stringent wind resistance standards to wind class 5 and can be used in up to 12-Beaufort hurricane conditions.

At CeMAT 2016, the experts from Butzbach are also demonstrating the exceptional protection that the SPACELITE HTU-S offers against break-ins. Word of its unique WK3 burglar-resistance certification will no doubt soon reach the ears of the criminal fraternity – to the relief of everybody who wants to protect their property. Those with an eye for design will also enjoy the esthetic effect of translucent fiberglass in a choice of three colors set in sleek aluminum profiles. Besides the ground-breaking SPACELITE HTU-S, visitors to the company’s CeMAT stand can also admire the outstanding NOVOSPRINT – the world’s fastest industrial door with error-free, secure operation that’s built to withstand more than a million opening cycles. The NOVOSPRINT opens sideways so that users can make use of the full height of the opening immediately, in contrast to vertically-opening doors. What’s more, it comes in numerous configurations so that it can be easily customized to meet a wide range of logistics process applications.