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A powerhouse for new logistics technologies

With a new five-story building complex, KNAPP AG is committed to creating the perfect working environment to develop innovative technologies for industry and logistics. The company has invested almost €5 million in the KNAPP campus.

04 Oct. 2017

The KNAPP Group from Austria is one of the global market leaders among suppliers of end-to-end intralogistics solutions and automated storage systems. It specializes in the key sectors of healthcare, fashion, retail, food and industry and invests around €30 million in research and development each year. Thanks to its keen eye for trends and new market demands, KNAPP has continuously shaped the development of intralogistics through innovative solutions. The new KNAPP campus is a true powerhouse for innovative technologies for industry and logistics.

The site of the new KNAPP campus in Dobl, near the Austrian city of Graz, is already home to the two subsidiaries KNAPP Industry Solutions GmbH and ivii GmbH. They are being joined by the Group's startup redPILOT. The organizations are now working together on customized industrial solutions using flexible shuttle methods, intelligent image processing and assistance systems and a cloud software solution for sustainable optimization of warehousing. "The success of strategically focusing on innovative production solutions is a testament to the investment," explains Wolfgang Skrabitz, Managing Director of KNAPP Industry Solutions. "Along with ivii and redPILOT, we were able to win over renowned companies such as VW, Porsche and Pankl with our expertise. We're also supplying the internal customer network." The healthy order book means the demand for skilled staff is also set to rise and is also the reason why the campus will provide space for an additional 150 office staff. "We're constantly on the lookout for skilled personnel in the technical field in particular. With the new building complex, we can offer a more attractive working environment and long-term career prospects, as well as a multitude of social benefits and training opportunities," says Skrabitz.

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