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A forklift truck with a vision...

SEP Logistik AG is at CeMAT 2016 in Hannover with an "all-seeing stacker" - a forklift guidance system that eliminates the need for additional barcode- or RFID-based goods identification.

24 May. 2016

With over 30 years of development expertise under its belt, SEP Logistik AG from Weyarn in Bavaria is a leading manufacturer in the field of intralogistics software. In 2013, the company also became a member of the Bavarian IT-Logistics Cluster. Its software solutions are used in a wide range of different applications – from incoming/outgoing goods, picking and production right through to an innovative forklift guidance system with 3D navigation. Nicknamed the "all-seeing stacker" by the developers themselves, this system is the centerpiece of the SEP Logistik stand at CeMAT in Hannover this year - where the RELAG-System SLS is all about finding, not just looking.

In this ambitious concept, the RELAG-System SLS takes over responsibility for allocating and carrying out forklift-based transport tasks. The system is therefore equipped to take into account the characteristics of each individual forklift as well as its current location within the relevant site. Terminals link all the forklifts to the guidance system, which tracks and records the current position, activities and properties of each vehicle. The forklifts can be allocated transport tasks on the basis of these parameters, with goods identified by analyzing the precise location of the vehicle and the status of the fork itself - this eliminates the need for additional barcode- or RFID-based identification.

SEP Logistik AG (83629 Weyarn, Germany), Hall 27, Stand H02

SEP Logistik at CeMAT

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