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A fitness tracker for car fleets!

The DRIVER app is specifically designed to collect and analyze key fleet management data on driving efficiency, safety and CO2 emissions.

31 Oct. 2018
fleet tech DRIVER

The new DRIVER App from, part of the LOSTnFOUND Group based in Switzerland, has made a name for itself as the world's first "fitness tracker for car fleets", designed to focus on efficient driving, safety and the reduction of CO2 emissions. Not only does this innovative solution boost transparency - it also provides fleet managers with a comprehensive set of scientific data collected using algorithms for analyzing driving styles. For instance, the system can identify events that indicate particularly risky driving, including frequent hard braking, sudden acceleration, and taking bends at high speeds. In its analysis of driving styles, the DRIVER app also takes account of factors such as road type, traffic, weather conditions and night driving, and records journey dates and times along with the results.

And for anyone concerned that the DRIVER app sounds too much like snooping - in fact, drivers can decide for themselves whether or not to share their personal data with the fleet manager and fellow drivers. Otherwise, the data is anonymized prior to analysis, thus fulfilling the EU's GDPR data protection requirements. What's more, at the end of each journey, the app can give drivers useful feedback on how to optimize their driving style at key stages. The dashboard also provides the fleet manager with an overview of the entire fleet’s efficiency and safety results, as well as all CO2 emissions.

LOSTnFOUND AG (8134 Adliswil, Switzerland)

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