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Interview with Sascha Schmel, Managing Director, VDMA, the German Engineering Association for Materials Handling Technology and Intralogistics

19 May. 2016

1. How is Industry 4.0 affecting intralogistics – do you see it as a revolution or evolution?

From today’s point of view, it is definitely an evolution. Whether it will be described as a revolution in future remains to be seen. Industry 4.0 offers a lot of opportunities for those involved, as well as plenty of room for manoeuvre and time to adjust. That is essentially the horizon that we are heading for. And we are doing so at a speed that, in my opinion, shouldn’t overtax anyone. The VDMA also supports its member companies very intensively and actively with the Industry 4.0 Forum .

2. Where do you see potential for application of Industry 4.0 in intralogistics?

Digital processes are increasingly facilitating a new level of automation, which is also taking effect in intralogistics solutions. For example, automated guided vehicles used to be bound to fixed routes. Today, the devices find their own way independently, even reliably taking account of their human colleagues. The cloud also has a lot of potential – especially if you not only use it as a memory but actively utilise it for computing processes. Unlike the capacity of intralogistics system, here there are practically no limits. Enormous volumes of data can be processed, therefore relieving pressure on systems. As a result they will be faster and more flexible, and also be able to implement sophisticated requirements – for example recognising gestures.

3. What are you particularly excited about for CeMAT?

This year we will be presenting with a different concept to in the past, and organising brief info sessions for trade fair visitors. We are being supported by experts from the VDMA, for example concerning foreign markets. In addition, we have Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Technische Logistik e. V. (WGTL) on board, presenting some interesting research projects and approaches to intralogistics. I’m excited to see how this will be received. We are definitely looking forward to many visitors in the VDMA pavilion in open area L19. Coming back to the first question, overall I am looking forward to seeing what technological developments will be presented at CeMAT. Perhaps there will even be one or two solutions that earn the label of "revolutionary".


Sascha Schmel
Sascha Schmel Managing Director, VDMA, the German Engineering Association for Materials Handling Technology and Intralogistics

Sascha Schmel is Managing Director of the VDMA Materials Handling and Intralogistics Association. This is the conceptual sponsor and partner of CeMAT trade fairs worldwide. In addition, the qualified industrial engineer manages the VDMA’s Lifts and Escalators Association.

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