HANNOVER MESSE 2020, 20. - 24. April
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Easy loading and unloading thanks to Vaculex ParceLift

For the transport between the sorting centers, most parcel services load containers and trucks loosely with packages. Regardless of whether an automated sorting system is available in the sorting center, the packages there must always be unloaded from the containers by hand and then loaded manually again after sorting. Usually a high speed of work is required, in which even small incorrect postures can quickly lead to injuries. Manual handling therefore involves a risk of repetitive strain injuries and severe bodily injury, such as spinal cord injury. Associated with this are high sick leave, low productivity and low employee satisfaction. To counteract this, the Piab subsidiary Vaculex has designed its ParceLift - a special tube lifter - so that it can be easily integrated into the existing conveyor technology and inserted into the truck or container. To do this, the Vaculex ParceLift is installed on the telescopic conveyors. He relieves employees even in these cramped conditions with low ceiling heights and narrow passageways. With a load capacity of up to 40kg, it is also ideal for heavy packages of various shapes such as boxes, sacks or sheets. The ParceLift itself is constructed from high-strength lightweight materials such as carbon fiber composites and aluminum. Accordingly, the actual lifter only weighs 5.8kg. This allows a very high speed of material handling, as the operator can move the lifter quickly and effortlessly, resulting in a sustainable increase in productivity. The large accessory program includes u.a. Options such as lighting or heating, which create a more comfortable working environment in the container.

At the CEMAT, you can see for yourself how it works and try out how easy it is to lift even the heaviest packages.

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