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System Palletless

alternative to pallets

RETNIG Ryszard Ginter

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Logo System Palletless
Logo System Palletless
Logo System Palletless


Halle 21, Stand B60


System Palletless - is an innovative patented solution, inserting paper core feet directly under a load. The load can be a stack of corrugated cardboard, or a collective box.
The system is fully automatic, and selects the right amount of paper core feet to be placed under a given load, ensuring the right support. The feet are guled to the bottom surface of the load. They have very high compressive strength, and allow easy transportation with forklifts and hand pallet trucks.
It is an ecologically friendly solution, which allows to eliminate wooden pallets, it's a biodegradable, and cost effective solution.

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System Palletless

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