CeMAT 2018, 23. - 27. April

CeMAT 2018, 23. - 27. April
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Self propelled wheel


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The technology proposed by ez-Wheel is the fastest, simplest yet most advanced solution providing electric traction to mobile material dedicated to handling and transportation, as well as light vehicles and medical material.

The solution fully integrates into a wheel all the functions of a conventional power train: high-end electric motor, high energy and super long life batteries, power controller featuring state of the art motor control, battery management and wireless interface.

ez-Wheel products are ready to operate in outdoor or indoor conditions, over an extended temperature range. All the components including the battery are designed to withstand 5 years of operation without any maintenance required.

The wheel offers an immediate installation thanks to the standardised dimensions and mechanical interface. The wheel is simply mounted on an axis just like a free wheel, and the motor torque transmission is ensured by a clamp attached to the chassis frame.

The ez-Wheel technology allows removing all the peripherals, wire sets and connectors from the chassis, turning the electrification into a fast and easy task compared to conventional solutions.

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