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SBIR Cross Belt Sorters

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SBIR Cross Belt Sorters
The technology consists of a continuous «train» of carrier units equipped with one or two transversal belt conveyors, each independently operated, which enables products to be received from an induction line, which then transfers them to assigned destinations, fully automated and with the highest precision.
The high-efficient capacity, combined with low noise level, its reliability and efficiency makes the Fives SBIR Sorter a value-added product and the best-in-class technology.
The SBIR cross belt sorter configurations are flexible, enabling Fives engineers to design tailor-made solutions to fulfill different customer requirements - suited for courier, postal, distribution and airport market.
The redundancy of the sorter components and the «parallel» design are built-in features, of Fives cross-belt technology, ensuring the best dependability of the system..
Even when a product is out of order - such as an improperly queued package - , sorting operations are not affected: maintenance activities can be performed seamlessly in the assigned time.
The SBIR cross belt sorter can handle the widest range of products, thanks to the flat and sealed transportation surface, as well as the high friction surface of the conveyor belt that prevents products from jamming, slipping, rolling or falling.
During their transportation, products are handled gently, actively controlled and sorted with the most precision using precise discharge trajectories, irrespectively of gravity.

The Fives' SBIR Sorter Family includes two types of sorters :
- SBIR MD (Maxi Duty): has a capacity up to 13 800 sorting cells/h and it's able to sort items up to 1400 x 800 x 800 mm - weighing from 30g to 80 kg;
- SBIR SD (Standard Duty): has a capacity up to 16 000 sorting cells/h and it's able to sort items up to 700 x 500 x 500 mm - weighing from 30g to 25 kg.

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Induction Line

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