CeMAT 2018, 23 - 27 April


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EasyBots are the smallest AGV systems made by ASTI.
This kind of vehicle is mainly characterized by its simplicity. Simplicity that is always linked to lower production costs. They are widely employed to automate assembly chains without losing flexibility.
We can differentiate five types of EasyBots:
EasyBot basic: it is the simplest of the automatic guided vehicles. It counts with an optic guiding system, being able to manage stops and some basic functions by employing RFiD technology.
EasyBot standard: these vehicles are able to complete a route set by means of painted or magnetic band. It usually is implemented by a sophisticated RFiD system that permits managing different actions to be executed by the EasyBot such as reducing or increasing speed, lifting or descending pin hook and turning left or right.
EasyBot bidirectional: the main characteristic of this vehicle relays on its ability to move in both senses. This feature prevents the vehicle from moving along closed circuits as it can go and back along the same route in opposite senses.
EasyBot Omnidirectional: this is the ultimate EasyBot, with its ability to move 360º degrees it can perform accurate movements reducing the space needs.
Towing EasyBot based on a basic machine from the market. ASTI is also able to automate towing vehicles from the market in order to move up to 3000 kg loads.

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