CeMAT 2018, 23 - 27 April
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Innovative Logistics Solutions

Many parts have to come together and interact to form a functioning whole. The same is true in logistics.

Hall 27, Stand H02

Innovative Logistiklösungen

A lot of tasks still need to be carried out manually here, but the industry is investing heavily in automation and the optimization of data flows – looking at the individual processes, but always keeping the bigger picture in view, namely the complete logistical chain. Innovative, modular and flexible solutions are needed.

How do innovative and complex logistical processes function in a modern production environment? That’s the question that the special display "Innovative Logistical Solutions" seeks to answer – for the second time now – at CeMAT 2016.

Ideal placement in Hall 27

Grafik Innovative Logistikloesungen

At the special display "Innovative Logistical Solutions" visitors will encounter something different: not a random grouping of stand-alone solutions, but an impressive representation of a complete logistical chain.

  • Transport logistics
    Goods are transported worldwide by road, rail, water and air. Using a sea container as an example, the first section of the live-action logistical chain focuses on extralogistics, intercontinental transport such as shipment by sea, the unloading of containers and transport scheduling.
  • Freight arrival and unloading
    As soon as the container arrives, it is unloaded – via loading bridges, but also now with the aid of robots. The goods are identified and automatically depalletized. Packages are either assembled into groups or forwarded singly.
  • Goods handling systems
    Every package has its place – on a shelving rack, on a pallet, or in a container. Innovative warehousing systems enable goods to be placed quickly, flexibly and efficiently. Packages have to be opened – to extract small parts, for example.
  • Picking and packing small parts
    What belongs together, goes together: small parts are picked, weighed, measured in 3-D, packed, tagged with barcodes/RFID labels, stacked, protected with padding and specially secured.
  • Loading systems: onward shipment
    In block warehouses or in pallet warehouses, the loading units are assembled into groups, automatically placed into containers, and later loaded onto trucks, trains, ships or aircraft, then despatched to their final destination or sent on for further handling and processing.

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