CeMAT 2018, 23 - 27 April
Logistics IT

What to protect, what not to protect?

IT security is a core issue when it comes to implementing Industry 4.0 within companies.

19 Apr. 2016

Data security


Where is my data? Who has access to it? How easily can critical information fall into the wrong hands? These and other questions under the umbrella of "data security" are becoming increasingly important for companies in view of the future of advancing digitalisation. With its greater orientation towards IT, this aspect will be discussed at various points throughout CeMAT. For example, the topic of security has been included in the "IT theme park" (IT showcase) in Hanover.

"However, one thing is important when discussing data security," says Rainer Glatz, Managing Director of the VDMA Software Association, one of the conceptual sponsors of the intralogistics trade fair. "It is by no means necessary to protect all data: companies should be clear on what is important to them – and therefore must be protected at all costs – and what isn’t."

In order to provide assistance in this area, the VDMA will be publishing a guide shortly before CeMAT, outlining the matters that need to be taken into account when it comes to data security. This specifically aims to allow small and medium-sized members of the association to implement security standards in their own products, machinery, plants and services.


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