CeMAT 2018, 23 - 27 April
Industrie 4.0

Storage systems are becoming ever more flexible

Speed, precision, flexibility and availability are key competitive factors in logistics today.

19 May. 2016

Industry 4.0


Intelligent networking of people, processes, goods and locations is one of the primary tasks of intralogistics. In light of new challenges posed by e-commerce or Industry 4.0, storage systems are becoming increasingly flexible. For example, the latest driverless transport system (AGV), Weasel, from SSI SCHÄFER (hall 13, stand C20) is now making it possible for even smaller companies to get into automated in-house goods transport. Thanks to its high level of flexibility and scalability, Weasel can handle almost any transport task – without complicated sensor technology or complex control systems, unlike traditional AGV systems.

Many of the requirements of Industry 4.0 are already a reality for Knapp AG (hall 27, stand F36) also. The Austrian intralogistics expert plans to use flexible shuttle solutions to take the next step towards intelligent production logistics. It claims that combined with open shuttles – automated guided vehicles (AGVs) that navigate completely freely around the warehouse – there are no limits to a fully networked and flexible warehouse.

Storing different sizes of partial quantities in different sizes of containers and deciding as late as possible which quantities are to be stored in which transport aids – this is what psb intralogistics (hall 27, stand K36) understands by "flexibilisation in the warehouse". "Our first solution is a highly flexible shuttle system," says Volker Welsch, Head of Sales for Germany at psb. "The benefits of a scalable increase in performance are obvious."

The "LEO Locative" system from Bito (hall 13, stand A20) is brand new to the market. "This self-driving, autonomous transport system can be used in a variety of ways and is child’s play to operate," explains Winfried Schmuck, Managing Director of BITO-Lagertechnik Bittmann GmbH , headquartered in Meisenheim. "Compared with other self-driving transport systems, it doesn’t require a control system or time-consuming installation."


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