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Making light work of pallet handling

EP Equipment from China is proud to announce it has practically reinvented the hand pallet truck with its completely new EPT 12EZ, just one quarter of the weight of conventional electric low-lift pallet trucks.

29 Nov. 2017

The new EPT 12EZ easily carries ten times its own weight - it weighs just 120 kilograms, but can carry 1,200 kilograms, according to its manufacturer. EP Equipment is targeting users in the food retail sector in particular, meeting their special requirements with its extremely compact dimensions. The EPT 12EZ is roughly the size of a manual hand pallet truck and thus a slimline solution for narrow working areas and on the sales floor.

Yet this powerful, streamlined truck really hits the mark because it combines all the benefits of a fully electric low-lift pallet truck. Both driving and lifting are powered electrically by a state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery. This can be charged in less than three hours and then supplies enough power to run the truck for around three hours. Anyone needing a longer runtime will welcome a further highlight of the EPT 12EZ - the straightforward battery change. The battery weighs just 3.7 kilograms and can be easily removed and inserted into the wall-mounted charging socket included. Thanks to the short charging time, which is less than the utilization time, the EPT 12EZ is able to run continuously with just one spare battery. It takes only a few seconds to change the battery.

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