CeMAT 2018, 23 - 27 April

Warehousing systems technology


Intralogistic | 04 Oct. 2017

A powerhouse for new logistics technologies

With a new five-story building complex, KNAPP AG is committed to creating the perfect working environment to develop innovative technologies... more


Warehousing systems technology | 20 Sep. 2017

Say it like you mean it - voice-supported picking

Dortmund-based proLogistik GmbH + Co KG, an established developer of hardware and software solutions for warehouse processes, has released... more

TU München Routenzüge

Warehousing systems technology | 23 Aug. 2017

Digitization now in train

In a recent study, researchers from the Technical University of Munich's Institute of Materials Handling, Material Flow and Logistics... more


Warehousing systems technology | 16 Aug. 2017

A crazy idea from Amazon that plumbs new depths?

Amazon - the top dog of online trade - is well-known for its spectacular logistics visions. Now, having already explored lofty solutions... more

Interroll Trommelmotor

Warehousing systems technology | 14 Jun. 2017

World's strongest drum!

The Interroll Group, the world's leading producer of key products for internal logistics, is once again looking to set new standards in... more

Emili Fraunhofer

Warehousing systems technology | 29 Mar. 2017

Shake hands with "Emili"! (Or should that be at?)

Researchers at the Fraunhofer IML proudly present "Emili", their interactive, gesture-controlled AVG for small loads that takes... more

Trendspots Bito Campus

Store & Load | 31 Jan. 2017

BITO CAMPUS provides a home for new ideas

The Fritz Bittmann Holding company is creating a new home for technology-oriented founders and graduates – the BITO CAMPUS, dedicated to... more


Warehousing systems technology | 01 Jun. 2016

The door to maximum safety

EFAFLEX, the Bavarian door and safety specialist, is at CeMAT 2016 in Hannover with two new high-speed safety doors that help protect both... more


Move & Lift | 31 May. 2016

Combining tradition and innovation

While prestigious forklift truck manufacturer CLARK is looking to reposition itself in warehouse technology with the premiere of the CLARK... more


Store & Load | 27 May. 2016

Solutions to go with the flow

item Industrietechnik GmbH is appearing for the first time at CeMAT in Hannover -exhibiting material-flow solutions that fit this year’s... more


Store & Load | 18 May. 2016

Materials handling and warehouse technology 4.0

At its new stand, AMI is offering an insight into its portfolio of lightweight and heavy-duty materials handling technology and an overview... more


Store & Load | 13 May. 2016

A quick opening always smooths the way…

... especially in logistics! Butzbach, the industrial doors specialist, is showcasing the SECURITY version of its SPACELITE HTU high-speed... more

Ergonomische Kommissionierung mit Pick-it-Easy

Move & Lift | 15 Feb. 2016

Small, fast and flexible

Intralogistics solutions for e-commerce must be dynamic. Sometimes this can involve completely new challenges for both customers and... more


Move & Lift | 16 Nov. 2015

New storage technology from CLARK

CLARK's "CLARK Compact" is a series of new storage devices for use in various industrial environments, as well as commercial use. more

SSI Schaefer

Intralogistic | 16 Nov. 2015

Individual solutions made up of standardised components

What is better: a personally customised warehouse logistics solution, or an "off the rack" concept that may have already proven successful... more

Unilift Vetter Krane

Industrie 4.0 | 16 Nov. 2015

The crane industry in the age of Industry 4.0

As a generally the case in modern warehouse and order picking enviroments, the trend in the crane industry is also moving increasingly in... more

Peter Kerth

Store & Load | 16 Nov. 2015

Three questions for ...

Peter Kerth, Head of Product Management at BITO more

Selbst ist das Lager

Industrie 4.0 | 15 Oct. 2015

Autonomous warehouses

Self-propelled vehicles are taking over the picking areas. The first practical projects are already in the process of being implemented. more


Auto ID/RFID | 15 Oct. 2015


The Austrian intralogistics provider KNAPP has been using RFID technology for more than 15 years with closed goods-to-person piece picking... more