CeMAT 2018, 23 - 27 April

Logistics IT


Logistics IT | 20 May. 2016

A taste of things to come...

Real-time picking via smartphone with CIM at CeMAT 2016 - visitors can select confectionary items from the picking box and view inventory... more


Logistics IT | 20 May. 2016

Analyze that!

Düsseldorf-based SICK GmbH is at CeMAT 2016 with its entire portfolio of sensor technology specifically designed for intralogistics - ... more


Logistics IT | 19 May. 2016

Forklift manufacturers are becoming software specialists

Classic forklift manufacturers are increasingly transforming into automation engineers and software specialists. After all, in the world of... more


Logistics IT | 19 May. 2016

Handheld logistics

Mobile data capture system supplier PANDA PRODUCTS Barcode-Systeme GmbH is at CeMAT 2016 with the new TC8000 ergonomic computer from Zebra... more


Logistics IT | 18 May. 2016

The cloud atlas for your storage

At CeMAT 2016 in Hannover, Swiss-based rocklog GmbH is showcasing PLANET-ROCKLOG, a cloud-based software package for logistics that has been... more


Move & Lift | 17 May. 2016

Many hands make light work

Kawasaki is exhibiting its revolutionary new duAro dual-armed SCARA robot at CeMAT 2016 in Hannover and demonstrating it live in action for... more


Logistics IT | 13 May. 2016

I spy with my unique eye!

In a world-first, Picavi GmbH is exhibiting a market-ready pick-by-vision data glasses solution at CeMAT 2016 that is custom-designed for... more


TL@CeMAT | 20 Apr. 2016

Transport logistics at CeMAT

The international Port Forum traditionally attracts a multitude of visitors to CeMAT. more


Logistics IT | 20 Apr. 2016

3 questions to...

Interview with Stefan Stroh, Partner at Strategy&, PwC’s strategic consultancy more


Logistics IT | 20 Apr. 2016

CeMAT 2016 with a strong focus on IT

Speakers and journalists engaged in an intensive exchange of options at the CeMAT IT Round Table on 6 April, meeting at the new... more


Logistics IT | 19 Apr. 2016

What to protect, what not to protect?

IT security is a core issue when it comes to implementing Industry 4.0 within companies. more

Frederik Brantner

Logistics IT | 14 Apr. 2016

Three questions for ...

Frederik Brantner, CEO Magazino more


Logistics IT | 14 Apr. 2016

The make or buy dilemma

In the intralogistics sector as in many others, system manufacturers have long been offering more than just product solutions. More and more... more


Logistics IT | 06 Apr. 2016

SAP in the spotlight at CeMAT

Together with six other partners, SAP, the leading name in business software, will be making its debut as a participating exhibitor at CeMAT... more


Logistics IT | 24 Mar. 2016

In focus

CeMAT 2016 puts spotlight on digitization and automation more


Logistics IT | 15 Mar. 2016

CeMAT Preview gives a positive outlook

More than 100 journalists from 27 countries found out about the products and solutions to be showcased by participating exhibitors at the... more

Starre Strukturen aufbrechen

Logistics IT | 15 Mar. 2016

Breaking up rigid structures

Increased significance is being placed on the link-up of intralogistics and production logistics in companies. What are the key points to... more

Industrie 4.0

Logistics IT | 18 Jan. 2016

Getting into Industry 4.0 made easy

Industry 4.0 will be the hot topic at this year's CeMAT. After all, experts believe that – alongside container transport – new technologies... more


Logistics IT | 15 Jan. 2016

From the large to the small

Industry 4.0 is also slowly creeping into small and medium-sized companies. What expectations do they have for their logistics IT? Where do... more

Philipp Hahn-Woernle

Logistics IT | 15 Jan. 2016

Three questions for Philipp Hahn-Woernle

CEO viastore more