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Xianghe Jinhuadi Metal Products

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Xianghe Jinhuadi Metal Products
Co., Ltd.

No.10 Baohai Road
Xianghe Development Zone
065400 Langfang
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Fax: +86 316 8266106


Frau Jenny Lee
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Pallet racking

Pallet racking have Conventional pallet racking, Double Deep, and Very Narrow Aisle pallet racking system, the component is upright frame, beam, mesh decking, support bar, protector, frame protector, row spacer, guide rail, and so on. The beam height could be adjusted in 75mm or 50mm. Ordinary forklift, ...weiterlesen

Drive in racking

Regarding to the drive-in rack, the pallet be put on the pallet support rail, forklift can drive into the racking system directly to pick goods which can only be done by FILO rather than FIFO. However, the rack can be designed as drive-through type, i.e. the forklift can work at both end of the rack, ...weiterlesen

Long span shelving

Long span shelving is a highly versatile system satisfying the broadest needs of storage requirements. It helps store light and medium duty material such as boxes, cartons, totes and archive files which are widely used in offices, garage, warehouse, stores and so on. Our system are extremely easy to ...weiterlesen

Steel platform and Multi-tier Mezzanine

Steel structure platform also known as working platform, modern steel structure platform structure is various, and completely functional. Its major characteristics of structure are whole assembly structure and flexible design. It can be designed and fabricated as per field conditions and actual functional ...weiterlesen

Shuttle Racking System

High Density Storage Racking System With Shuttle car High Density Storage System With Shuttle car is a kind of advanced control mode of warehouse accessing, it is of the multi-functions of big storage density, convenient in-put & out-put, high picking up efficiency, and it has more material categories ...weiterlesen

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