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Wuxi Anneng Trolley Type Busway

Logo Wuxi Anneng Trolley Type Busway
Halle 24, Stand D43
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CMEC International Exhibition


Wuxi Anneng Trolley Type
Busway Electric Co, . Ltd

Dongbei Tang Town
Nongba Village
214191 Wuxi
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Fax: +86 510 83776272


Herr Liming Lu
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Telefon: +86 510 81007272
Fax: +86 510 83776272




Anzahl Mitarbeiter
51-100 (Stand: 2016)

zwischen 1 Mio und 10 Mio (Stand: 2016)


Powerail Enclosed Conductor System HFP56

Powerail Enclosed conductor rail system is a powerail, protected from contact (IP 23), For indoor and outdoor plants. They are conductor lines in a rigid green PVC housing with different copper cross sections for rated currents of 35 - 240A.The current collectors, running in ball bearings, are guided ...weiterlesen

High-Tro-Reel Systems AN

With FMS, unmanned factory, increasing the degree of automation of the device, the miniaturization of the conductor rail system, ease of installation, high-speed stability is extremely important. To meet the needs of market development, we has successfully developed the AN series seamless conductor rail ...weiterlesen

Insulated Conductor Systems JDC-H

The JDC-H conductor rail system is a modern power supply system using single-pole insulated conductor rails.It complies with the latest regulations and provide the electric energy for mobile consumers.The conductor rail material is copper (200A-5000A), aluminum (150A-3000A). The aluminum conductor rail ...weiterlesen

Cable Trolleys on I-beam & Wire Rope

The I-Beam trolley is the conductive way for the power of the crane trolley, made of the wheel, frame, pallet, the flexible cable is fixed on the pallet, the traction frame sync cable trolley in order to achieve the purpose of trolley power supply. The I-Beam trolley which produced by Anneng made of ...weiterlesen

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