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Temesist Endüstriyel Depo ve Raf
Sistemleri San. Dis. Tic. A.S.

14/A Blok
Ikitelli OSB Keresteciler San. Sit. 15 S
34490 Basaksehir
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Frau Ozlem ERKEN
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Herr Mustafa TOPKAYA
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Herr Veysel SIK
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Frau Saniye KURT
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Anzahl Mitarbeiter
101-250 (Stand: 1986)

zwischen 10 Mio und 50 Mio USD (Stand: 2015)


Mezzanine Racking System - Multi-Tier Racking System

The walking aisles are formed by Frames used in Mezzanine Racking System. Creating Walking aisles between racks on needed height allows to use maximum space in height and enlarge storing capacity. Multi-Tier Racking System allows to use maximum space of warehouse where all loads can be reached by hand ...weiterlesen

Flow Rack System For Boxes - Live Box Racking

Flow Rack System For Boxes is suitable to use for different type of boxes with different parameters. Ideal system for preparing and calibrating goods for distribution or retail selling. It works according to FIFO system, allowing to keep products freshly. Roller track numbers depends on the variety ...weiterlesen

Drive-in Racking System

Drive-in Racking System is the best solution for small warehouses and cold rooms. It allows optimum utilization of floor space and storage volume by storing several pallets in depth of the channels. Drive-in system is designed for storing homogenous products. The pallets are stored as a block with one ...weiterlesen

Self Supported System - Clad Rack Warehouse

Self Supported System, as the name of it suggests, is supported by itself as a building together with side and roof cladding. It does not need to build walls and roof as needed for conventional warehouses. Self Supported System is consists of Racks, making the whole building. In this case you can economy ...weiterlesen

Cantilever Racking System

Cantilever Racking System is the best solution of storing long type materials such as profiles, pipes, plastic pipes, plywood. Design of Cantilever Racks is suitable to the parameters of each product, taking into account total length and weight of the product. Cantilever Racking System can be designed ...weiterlesen

Pallet Racking System

Pallet Racking System is the most common, economic and easy to use system among all storage systems. Each pallet can be located relocated individually without moving other pallets. An endless variety of storage configurations and systems are possible, ensuring that the most cost effective solution can ...weiterlesen

Steel Construction

steel building is a metal structure fabricated with steel for the internal support and for exterior cladding, as opposed to steel framed buildings which generally use other materials for floors, walls, and external envelope. Steel buildings are used for a variety of purposes including storage, work spaces ...weiterlesen

Cold Storage

The term "cold storage" refers to the storing of goods in a refrigerated atmosphere. This means heat is removed from the storage container or room to help keep items -- often food -- fresh for delivery, long- or short-term storage, and so on. The room or containment system in which items are stored ...weiterlesen

Static Engineering

The carrying system of the racking has three dimensional systems and its structural analysis has been made regarding with three dimensional. The numerical structure models indicated in this project has been analysed under below described loads. The maximum strength and torque has been calculated under ...weiterlesen

Pre Fabricated Containers

Containers provide safety and comfort for the person in the construction area. Standard containers can be produced with 3X6m and 3X12m ssze around 20 diffrent plan types. The standard containers 3X6m size are kept in stock and ready delivery. This type of cabin are demountable which let to delivery them ...weiterlesen

Automated Storage Systems

Automated storage system is generally preferred for storing bulk and heavy duty products, allows to enlarge storing capacity in height for big producers and distributor centers. System mostly works full automatic and unmanned, and controlled by WMS program.weiterlesen

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