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TAB Tovarna Akumulatorskih Baterrij

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Halle 26, Stand F27


TAB Tovarna Akumulatorskih
Baterij, d.d.

Polena 6
2392 Mezica
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Fax: +386 2 8702305


TAB Motion Monoblock Batteries

TAB Motion in flooded and VRLA technology is a range of block batteries for all applications in small traction and leasure program, such as caravans and motorhomes, boats, golf carts, as well as cleaning machines, whellchairs, solar and UPS systems, etc. TAB Motion Pasted and TAB Motion Tubular are flooded ...weiterlesen

Starter batteries

We are producing a wide range of starter batteries of four different brands; TAB, Topla, Vesna and Volthor. They are available in lead-acid or VRLA AGM technology. Our starter batteries are destinguished for high quality and are known all over the world.weiterlesen

Stationary batteries

Our stationary program consists of conventional lead-acid OPzS blocks and cells, TOPzS batteries, UPS and Ogi batteries and VRLA Gel OPzV batteries. Our stationary batteries are destinguished for high capacity, long life-time, reduced maintenance, low self-discharging, quick and simple acid control, ...weiterlesen


Our lead-acid and VRLA Gel TAB traction batteries have been satisfying the most demanding users for more than half a century. Batteries are known by their high capacity, long life-time, resistance to vibrations, short charging times, low consumption of distilled water and simple maintenance. They are ...weiterlesen

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