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Samson Rubber Products

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Samson Rubber Products (PVT) Ltd.

D. Samson Rajapaksa Mawatha
80000 Galle
Sri Lanka
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Fax: +94 91 2223267


Herr K D C Nishantha
Telefon: +94 777 815407


Arial Working Flat form Tyres

DSI manufactures a select range of Access Platform Vehicles wheels for Scissor Lift, Boom Lifts, Aerial Work Platforms etc. Available as demountable tyres or mould on wheels, in black or non-marking treads.weiterlesen

Press on Band tyres

DSI press on solids - consists of a cylindrical or conical steel band or steel wire on to which rubber is curved. Generally P.O.S. tires consists of a single layer of rubber although special two layer versions are available. DSI press on solid tyres are used worldwide for all types of material handling ...weiterlesen

Resilient Industrial tyre

Resilient are made with varying compounds structures, plain or steel wire reinforced and offer superior rim fitting characteristics, rolling resistance, heat resistant, wear & abrasion resistance, shock absorption and stability. 1) DSI Xtream Plus Xtream Plus represents the excellence of the DSI resilient ...weiterlesen

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