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* INNOVATION AND REVOLUTION * The GENESIS move is a highly configurable universal platform with new generation electronics for improved function sensitivity, response time and safety level. Control of digital on/off functions, proportional pwm, power supply and voltage. CANbus protocol - RS422 - RS485. ...weiterlesen


The joystick remote control for TOWER and BRIDGE CRANES. With an unrivaled working autonomy, the PAIL will work for over an entire working week without needing to be recharged. Recharging takes place through contactless energy transfer! No need for any metal or electrical contacts or connection wires. The ...weiterlesen

T3 - T5 - T7 Series

Push-button remote control for TOWER and BRIDGE CRANES. EXCELLENT ERGONOMICS The specially designed grip and moulded base make the transmitter easy to hold and practical in the workplace. It is compact in size (174x85x37mm) and lightweight (350g). The pushbuttons are designed so that they can easily ...weiterlesen


The handheld keypad remote control suitable for TOWER and BRIDGE CRANES. The BRICK transmitter is reliable, lightweight, extremely robust and easy to handle. The BRICK has an unrivaled working autonomy and will work for an entire working week without needing to be recharged. With display data feedback ...weiterlesen

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