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Philadelphia Scientific

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Philadelphia Scientific UK Ltd.

188 Oxford Grove
Bolton BL1 3 BH
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Fax: +44 120 4493300


Herr David Smith
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Telefon: +44 780 93 95476
Herr Duncan Jones
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11-50 (Stand: 2014)

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iBOS Lite Battery Management System

Philadelphia Scientific announces the "iBOS Lite" Battery Operating System. Philadelphia Scientific, The Lean Battery Room ExpertTM, a leading international manufacturer of industrial battery components and accessories, has introduced iBOS® Lite. iBOS Lite is the latest addition to the company's industry-leading ...weiterlesen


Save time and money with the world's leading battery changers The Power Changer (TM) is an electrical driven battery transfer car that utilizes a separate hydraulic power system for its lift, and operation of the transfer arm. By separating the drive and lift systems a lifting speed of 8 meters per minute ...weiterlesen

Attach-A-Puller portable battery change car

The Attach-A-Puller is a portable powered battery transfer cart that can be mounted to any powered pallet truck with suitable forks. The Attach-A-Puller is ideal for 20-30 battery changes per day and is operated from the easy-to-use joystick controls. The unit is powered from the pallet truck battery, ...weiterlesen

EZ-Puller manual battery change car

The EZ-Puller is an inexpensive alternative to powered transfer carts. The EZ-Puller is ideal for facilities that require only a few battery changes each day. The EZ-Puller can be mounted to a single pallet truck or it can be ordered with convenient fork pockets for use on multiple trucks. The unit features ...weiterlesen

Adjust-A-Rack battery/charger racking

Adjust-A-Rack battery and charger racks feature adjustable battery locations which can be configured, and re-configured, to individual battery sizes. Unlike conventional battery racking, the Adjust-A-Rack comes in set module sizes, which are then populated with sufficient slide strips that the batteries ...weiterlesen

eGO! battery life history monitor

The eGO! is an electronic odometer that measures cycle-life of batteries, compensating automatically for partial cycles and abuse conditions. It records important data about how the battery is used throughout its lifetime, including electrolyte level, temperature and over-discharge. The data can be viewed ...weiterlesen

iTAG - asset tracking system

The iTAG is an asset tracking system that has been specifically designed for the forklift market. Each battery is fitted with an iTAG containing a unique serial number in a barcode format. Each time the asset is maintained the barcode is scanned, and the corresponding maintenance activity recorded. This ...weiterlesen is the world's bestselling web-based battery room reporting system. receives data from the onsite iBOS controller and uses the data to compile reports on how the battery room is operating. These reports enable managers to understand what is the optimum quantity of batteries ...weiterlesen

iBOS Pro Battery Management System

iBOS Pro battery management systemweiterlesen

Water Deionizer

The Water Deionizer is a cost effective method of ensuring a good quality source of deionized water, where and when you require it. It works by passing mains water through a cartridge containing beds of cationic and anionic resins which electrostatically remove impurities, prolonging the life of your ...weiterlesen


WaterInjector battery filling systemweiterlesen

SmartBlinky electrolyte level monitor

The SmartBlinky answers the question; "When does my battery need watering?" Each battery is fitted with a monitor, informing the operator when the battery needs watering, on an as-needed basis. The SmartBlinky has a positive indication, so when the electrolyte level is OK it flashes green and when it ...weiterlesen

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