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Kimer Estanterias

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Kimer Estanterias S.L.

Avda. Real Monasterio 24-26
Sta. Maria de Poblet
46930 Quart de Poblet
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Fax: +34 0961 536713



Shelving systems of manual storage of small-medium products.weiterlesen


Multiply the useful surface of your company. Kimer adapts to your needs of load and distance between pillars.weiterlesen

Pallet Racking

Kimer Pallet Racking is the universal system for the direct access of each pallet. It allows an easy and simple stock control. Kimer advantages: -Major number of frames and beams of the European market -We use steel of high resistance -Tested by the technical university of Valencia (UPV) -It fulfills ...weiterlesen

Drive-in Pallet Racking

Drive-in is the perfect solution for the storage of homogenous products with great quantity of pallets of the same item. You can minimize even in a 85% your available space by eliminating the corridors of access to each pallet two types available: Last In First Out or Drive-in. First In First Out or ...weiterlesen

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