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Mini Power Pack

The second generation of JTEKT HPI mini power packs is based on a 100% modular concept incorporating exclusive elements: - a die-cast support integrating the basic functions in the form of cartridges a series 1 pump with high output allowing the service rate of the power pack to be increased - the possibility ...weiterlesen


JTEKT HPI has a complete and innovative range of valves and blocks which includes all essential hydraulic functions. Valves (sizes : 8, 10 and 16) : PILOT POPPET SOLENOID VALVES SPOOL SOLENOID VALVES DIRECTIONAL VALVES PRESSURE CONTROL FLOW CONTROL CARTRIDGES WITH PROPORTIONAL CONTROL Blocks : MBS® ...weiterlesen

Micro power pack

The third generation of JTEKT HPI micro power packs is based on a 100% modular design which incorporates exclusive elements: - An exclusive JTEKT HPI motor - A die cast support which is able to incorporate functions directly without requiring blocks - A series 0 pump which allows to increase the service ...weiterlesen

Electro Pump Set

JTEKT HPI offers a complete range of electro pump sets from 0.25 to 30 cm3/rev. The exceptional output of HPI pumps enables a high motor duty to be envisaged. The exclusive range of motors in direct current DC & AC micro electropump sets enables extremely compact units to be offered. The HPI units can ...weiterlesen

Hydraulic Motor

The JTEKT HPI range of hydraulic gear motors has a capacity of 0.5 to 250 cm3/rev. with a peak pressure up to 250 bar, excellent start-up pressure and flow conditions, and is the widest on the market. They are modular in design and suitable to all market standards: ISO, DIN, SAE, Italian type, etc... Thanks ...weiterlesen

Hydraulic Gear Pump

With a capacity from 0.25 to 250 cm3/rev., and peak pressure up to 330 bar, the JTEKT HPI range of hydraulic gear pumps is the widest on the market. From a modular design, they are suitable to all the market standards: ISO, DIN, SAE, Italian type etc... The quality of manufacture and the exclusive ...weiterlesen

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