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Jinhua Winner Mechanical & Electrical

Logo Jinhua Winner Mechanical & Electrical


Jinhua Winner Mechanical
& Electrical Co., Ltd. Zhejiang

199 Danguang East Rd
321000 Jinhua
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Fax: +86 579 82428888


Frau Cinder Yu
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Telefon: +86 579 82364088
Fax: +86 579 82918080




WRZ Series Pallet Trucks

Casting pump hand pallet truck with 3-Position handleweiterlesen

WDF Series Pallet Trucks

Welded pump hand pallet truck with 3-Position handleweiterlesen

WEPT Series Electric Pallet Trucks

Electrical and semi electrical pallet truck comes with great performance and high efficiency, easy to operate and maintain.weiterlesen

WTF Series Scissor Lift Tables

Scissor lift table, table truck For transporting and working as platform, lifting with foot pedal for easier operation. Single scissor, double scissor and electrical version are available.weiterlesen

WRSD SeriesHydraulic Hand Pallet Stacker

Manual pallet stacker, for light weight industries with limited work places. Semi electrical and fully electrical stackers are also available.weiterlesen

WCRA/WCRO Series Transport Trolleys

Hand skates, transport trolley for heavy duty moving, capable to move up to 120 tons. A variety of series are available.weiterlesen

WHM Series Hydraulic Toe Jacks

Top quality toe jack, which is suitable for installation and transporting of large size equipment with overloading protection. Works with hand skates for lifting and moving any size and weight of equipment.weiterlesen

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