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Jiang Su Xin Zhong Ya Racking Manuf.

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Jiang Su Xin Zhong Ya Intelligent
Logistic Equipment Manufacturing
Co., Ltd.

9th Xinggu Road Guli Industrial
Guli Industrial Park Jianning
211164 Nanjing
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Light Duty Shelf

Light duty angle steel racking This kind of racking is low in cost, safe, adjustable, pretty in appearance, convenient for assembling and disassembling, and excellent in performance. Each layer can bear the weight of 80-150kg, suitable for depositing light-weight goods in factories and supermarkets. - ...weiterlesen

Auto-slide Racking

Auto-slide Racking system is gravity-driven perfect for application. Aluminum or steel roller rail are equipped between a pair of beams per layer to form a slope of 3 degree, and under the fluency of gravity, first in first out of goods are realized. Separating the loading aisle from the retrieval aisle ...weiterlesen

Steel Platform

Steel structure combined by post, main beam, second beam, steel floor, handrail and staircase. That can be all installed by bolts, no any welding work for customers, the loading capacity is customized. The whole structure is very strong and wide range of adaptability.weiterlesen

Electric Mobile Racking

Electric mobile rack character : - Save space, no need to find aisle when loading; simple structure, easy to cooperation; - It can be moved even if powder off, and it is easy to handle - The price is much better than normal pallet racking, it is suitable for cold storage warehouse .weiterlesen

Heavy Duty Pallet Rack

Heavy duty rack, known as pallet racking, is the most widely used storage pallet rack, consisting of upright frame, beam and other components. The frame is assembled by uprights and bracings and beams are fixed to uprights by hooks. The height of each layer can be adjusted by 75mm, the capacity of each ...weiterlesen

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