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Industrial Software

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Industrial Software Co.

jk. Buckston bl.10 ap. 42
1618 Sofia
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Fax: +359 2 9751181


Herr Dimitar Petrov
General Manager
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Telefon: +359 2 975 11 80
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11-50 (Stand: 2014)



Pulse Geared Drive

PulseRoller's Pulse Geared Drive was designed for those applications that require Senergy's awesome power, efficiency and reliability in an extremely compact form while still delivering the awesome features of PulseRoller controls capabilities. Imagine the form factor of an high voltage AC Motor/Gearbox ...weiterlesen


The Senergy® unique gearbox design and powerful brushless DC motor provides an extremely efficient means of delivering an amazing amount of torque and speed with the smallest amount of energy. Typically used in conveyors for Zero Pressure Accumulation or low voltage Conveyor Motor Roller transportation. ...weiterlesen

ConveyNet IP VFD Control and Remote I/O Card

ConveyNetIP is a Digital I/O module equipped with EthernetIP, Modbus TCP, and Profinet for use with the ConveyLinx control architecture, general remote I/O, or as a stand alone PLC. 8 Inputs and 6 Relay outputs allows you to place this module right in series with a ConveyLinx system for additional I/O ...weiterlesen

ConveyBlox Pneumatic Conveyor Control Module

ConveyBlox is nearly identical to its sister product ConveyLinx, with one very important difference which makes it a whole new product line. Instead of driving commutating low voltage motors ConveyBlox is equipped with 2 discrete outputs for direct connection to Air Solenoids, motor starters, or VFD's. ...weiterlesen

EZ-24 Motorized roller commutation card

The EZ-24, EZ-24HTB, and EZ-24HTBS motor driver modules each provide full featured brushless DC motor commutation in a convenient package. EZ-24 modules provide control for all PulseRoller motor rollers except the Brake Motors (20W, 28W, 35W, 50W and Senergy ECO mode and Senergy Boost mode) EZ-24HTB ...weiterlesen

ConveyLinx 2 zone powered roller Ethernet Control Module

Conveylinx is PulseRoller's advanced high end networked Motor Drive controller which provides many innovative features for Zero Pressure Accumulation or ANY application utilizing low Voltage Brushless DC motors. By default Conveylinx drives 2 low voltage 24vdc motors in Zero Pressure Accumulation mode. ...weiterlesen

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