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Elkom Trade

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Elkom Trade S.A.

Al. Stanow Zjednoczonych 51/622 A
04-028 Warsaw


Metal mesh containers

Elkom Trade mesh containers are made of certificated steel wire and sheet metal. They are very durable and functional. They enable efficient transport and storage of goods. Containers can be stacked folded and unfolded. It allows to make an optimal use of loading space as well as warehouse surface without ...weiterlesen


Tops make it possible to store and warehouse goods on the pallets. They ensure products protection from a damage during transport and storage. Available optios: - various dimensions - wire width and mesh size - various locks - reinforcements - divisible and non-divisible front - filling with PP board ...weiterlesen


Rollcontainers are efficient and durable solutions in the field of goods transportation. They are made of wire and steel profiles. Their application allows to optimize time and commitment of the workers in the process of goods transportation. Available options: - various dimensions - foldable stucture - wire ...weiterlesen

Big-bag holders

Support frames with pipe consructions are used among others for big-bag sacks. Structures of this type make an alternative for warehouse racks as well as post pallets. Available options: - various dimensions - different pipe parameters - galvanising, hot dip galvanising or RAL painting - reinforced ...weiterlesen

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