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Coel Motori

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Coel Motori S.r.l.

Via Campania 40
20090 Fizzonasco di P.E.
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Vis Brakes
Fizzonasco di P.E.


LimitEx Explosion-proof limit switches

Explosion proof limit switches for crane applications. Cast iron housing, ATEX/IECEX certified, IP66, low temperature -50°c certified.weiterlesen

VIS - explosion proof brakes

What's VIS? Standard B5 motor + VIS brake Standard B5 motor + VIS brake + gearbox unit Application example The VIS Atex brake is an innovative modular explosion proof brake unit. The new concept is to apply an indipendent brake unit to a standard B5 or different flanged explosion proof motor or to a ...weiterlesen

FK - FKL asynchronous selfbraking three-phase motors

FK motors are closed and externally ventilated. The brake is supplied DC with rectifier. FK motors can be driven by inveerter but in this case it's necessary tu supply the brake separately from the motor. The cases are in die pressed aluminium and braking surfaces are in cast iron. Shaftes are fitted ...weiterlesen

FM asynchronous selfbraking three-phase motors

FM series brake motors are externally ventilated and completely closed. FM motors are available from frame 225 up to 315; all the components of the motor parts are in cast iron and the motors are supplied painted blue RAL5010. The brakes mounted are DC and made to ensure a very long life. The type of ...weiterlesen

SW asynchronous selfbraking three-phase motors

SW series brake motors are not ventilated, suitable for S2 or S3 duty (depending on polarity), totally enclosed. This series has been designed for those kind of applications where the brake motor has often contacts with water such as marine applications or for general wash down application. These motors ...weiterlesen

F asynchronous selfbraking three-phase motors

F type motors are closed and externally ventilated. The brake groups and all the motor parts are designed and made by Coel. The brake group is supplied on series with ?3ph. AC? electromagnet but DC version is also available on request. The F series motors can be driven by inverter but in this case the ...weiterlesen

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