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Ashwoods Electric Motors

Logo Ashwoods Electric Motors
Halle 26, Stand F18


Ashwoods Electric Motors Limited

Hybrid House
80 Summerway
Exeter EX4 8DS
Vereinigtes Königreich
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Fax: +44 2079 003317


Pump Drive Solutions

Working closely with hydraulic pump manufacturers Ashwoods are able to provide permanent magnet motors with a range of pump interfaces. These offer cost effective, lightweight and highly efficient solutions.weiterlesen

Traction Drive Solutions

The high efficiency of permanent magnet electric motors enables a vehicle to travel further on a single charge. Working closely with transmission manufacturers Ashwoods are able to offer complete solutions.weiterlesen

Surface Mount Permanent Magnet Motors

Ashwoods axial flux electric motors incorporate surface mount permanent magnet technology making them lightweight, highly efficient and small in size. They are capable of producing large amounts of torque for a narrow frame size.weiterlesen

Interior Permanent Magnet Motors

Ashwoods interior permanent magnet motors can be up to a 1/3 of the size and weight and up to 15% more efficient than traditional motor technologies. This frees up numerous areas of application design whilst extending vehicle range.weiterlesen

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